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3D - X Ray

This type of x-ray gives dentists a 3D model of their patients’ mouths, allowing for a more thorough and complete assessment of the work that needs to be done. It uses a type of beam radiation, which allows for hundreds of images to be captured quickly in a single scan, rather than readjusting a machine into place for each image. This method has several advantages over classic methods.
When compared to typical scans, 3D dental x-rays:
Have a simple production process.
Provide better image quality and less distortion.
Capture and store images digitally, so they are less likely to be lost or damaged over time.
Deliver less radiation exposure than a CT scan (but about the same as a 2D x-ray).
Give more accurate information so less radiation, since 2D x-rays might need to be redone.
Render a full 360 image of the mouth helps dentists provide a better, more accurate diagnosis.